TAO Toolkit v5.3.0


Due to changes in the TensorRT API between versions 8.0.x and 7.2.x, the deployable models generated using the export task in TAO Toolkit 3.0-21.11+ can only be deployed in DeepStream version 6.0. In order to deploy the models compatible with DeepStream 5.1 from the table above with DeepStream 5.1, you will need to run the corresponding tao model <model> export task using the TAO Toolkit 3.0-21.08 package to re-generate a deployable model and calibration cache file that is compatible with TensorRT 7.2.

Similarly, if you have a model trained with TAO Toolkit 3.0-21.08 package and want to deploy to DeepStream 6.0, please regenerate the deployable model.etlt and int8 calibration file using the corresponding tao model <model> export task in TAO Toolkit 3.0-21.11+

TAO Toolkit 3.0-21.11+ was built with TensorRT


TAO Toolkit -> DeepStream version interoperability

To downgrade to the 3.0-21.08 or 3.0-21.11 package, please instantiate a new virtual environment by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide and run the following commands

pip3 install nvidia-pyindex
pip3 install nvidia-tao==0.1.19    # for 3.0-21.08
pip3 install nvidia-tao==0.1.20    # for 3.0-21.11
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