Modulus Sym Monitors

Sym v1.3.0

Monitor for Solver class

class modulus.sym.domain.monitor.pointwise.PointwiseMonitor(invar, output_names, metrics, nodes, requires_grad=False)[source]

Bases: Monitor

Pointwise Inferencer that allows inferencing on pointwise data

  • invar (Dict[str, np.ndarray (N, 1)]) – Dictionary of numpy arrays as input.

  • output_names (List[str]) – List of outputs needed for metric.

  • metrics (Dict[str, Callable]) – Dictionary of pytorch functions whose input is a dictionary torch tensors whose keys are the output_names. The keys to metrics will be used to label the metrics in tensorboard/csv outputs.

  • nodes (List[Node]) – List of Modulus Nodes to unroll graph with.

  • requires_grad (bool = False) – If automatic differentiation is needed for computing results.

class modulus.sym.domain.monitor.monitor.Monitor[source]

Bases: object

Monitor base class

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