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#include "morpheus/objects/file_types.hpp" #include "morpheus/utilities/cudf_util.hpp" #include <pybind11/pybind11.h> namespace morpheus { namespace py = pybind11; PYBIND11_MODULE(file_types, m) { // Load the cudf helpers load_cudf_helpers(); py::enum_<FileTypes>(m, "FileTypes", "The type of files that the `FileSourceStage` can read and `WriteToFileStage` can write. Use " "'auto' to determine from the file extension.") .value("Auto", FileTypes::Auto) .value("JSON", FileTypes::JSON) .value("CSV", FileTypes::CSV); m.def("determine_file_type", &FileTypesInterfaceProxy::determine_file_type); } // module } // namespace morpheus

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