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#include "morpheus/utilities/type_util.hpp" #include <stdexcept> #include <string> namespace morpheus { DType::DType(const DataType& dtype) : DataType(dtype.type_id()) {} DType::DType(TypeId tid) : DataType(tid) {} // Cudf representation cudf::type_id DType::cudf_type_id() const { switch (m_type_id) { case TypeId::INT8: return cudf::type_id::INT8; case TypeId::INT16: return cudf::type_id::INT16; case TypeId::INT32: return cudf::type_id::INT32; case TypeId::INT64: return cudf::type_id::INT64; case TypeId::UINT8: return cudf::type_id::UINT8; case TypeId::UINT16: return cudf::type_id::UINT16; case TypeId::UINT32: return cudf::type_id::UINT32; case TypeId::UINT64: return cudf::type_id::UINT64; case TypeId::FLOAT32: return cudf::type_id::FLOAT32; case TypeId::FLOAT64: return cudf::type_id::FLOAT64; case TypeId::BOOL8: return cudf::type_id::BOOL8; case TypeId::EMPTY: case TypeId::NUM_TYPE_IDS: default: throw std::runtime_error("Not supported"); } } // Returns the triton string representation std::string DType::triton_str() const { // Triton doesn't have any definitions or enums. Wow switch (m_type_id) { case TypeId::INT8: return "INT8"; case TypeId::INT16: return "INT16"; case TypeId::INT32: return "INT32"; case TypeId::INT64: return "INT64"; case TypeId::UINT8: return "UINT8"; case TypeId::UINT16: return "UINT16"; case TypeId::UINT32: return "UINT32"; case TypeId::UINT64: return "UINT64"; case TypeId::FLOAT32: return "FP32"; case TypeId::FLOAT64: return "FP64"; case TypeId::BOOL8: return "BOOL"; case TypeId::EMPTY: case TypeId::NUM_TYPE_IDS: default: throw std::runtime_error("Not supported"); } } // From cudf DType DType::from_cudf(cudf::type_id tid) { switch (tid) { case cudf::type_id::INT8: return DType(TypeId::INT8); case cudf::type_id::INT16: return DType(TypeId::INT16); case cudf::type_id::INT32: return DType(TypeId::INT32); case cudf::type_id::INT64: return DType(TypeId::INT64); case cudf::type_id::UINT8: return DType(TypeId::UINT8); case cudf::type_id::UINT16: return DType(TypeId::UINT16); case cudf::type_id::UINT32: return DType(TypeId::UINT32); case cudf::type_id::UINT64: return DType(TypeId::UINT64); case cudf::type_id::FLOAT32: return DType(TypeId::FLOAT32); case cudf::type_id::FLOAT64: return DType(TypeId::FLOAT64); case cudf::type_id::BOOL8: return DType(TypeId::BOOL8); case cudf::type_id::EMPTY: case cudf::type_id::NUM_TYPE_IDS: default: throw std::runtime_error("Not supported"); } } // From triton DType DType::from_triton(const std::string& type_str) { if (type_str == "INT8") { return DType(TypeId::INT8); } else if (type_str == "INT16") { return DType(TypeId::INT16); } else if (type_str == "INT32") { return DType(TypeId::INT32); } else if (type_str == "INT64") { return DType(TypeId::INT64); } else if (type_str == "UINT8") { return DType(TypeId::UINT8); } else if (type_str == "UINT16") { return DType(TypeId::UINT16); } else if (type_str == "UINT32") { return DType(TypeId::UINT32); } else if (type_str == "UINT64") { return DType(TypeId::UINT64); } else if (type_str == "FP32") { return DType(TypeId::FLOAT32); } else if (type_str == "FP64") { return DType(TypeId::FLOAT64); } else if (type_str == "BOOL") { return DType(TypeId::BOOL8); } else { throw std::runtime_error("Not supported"); } } } // namespace morpheus

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