Template Class AddScoresStageBase

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Base Type

  • public mrc::pymrc::PythonNode< std::shared_ptr< InputT >, std::shared_ptr< OutputT > >

Derived Types

template<typename InputT, typename OutputT>
class AddScoresStageBase : public mrc::pymrc::PythonNode<std::shared_ptr<InputT>, std::shared_ptr<OutputT>>

Base class for both AddScoresStage and AddClassificationStage

Subclassed by morpheus::AddClassificationsStage< InputT, OutputT >, morpheus::AddScoresStage< InputT, OutputT >

Public Types

using base_t = mrc::pymrc::PythonNode<std::shared_ptr<InputT>, std::shared_ptr<OutputT>>

Public Functions

AddScoresStageBase(std::map<std::size_t, std::string> idx2label, std::optional<float> threshold)

Construct a new Add Classifications Stage object.

  • threshold – : Threshold to consider true/false for each class

  • idx2label – : Index to classification labels map

source_type_t on_data(sink_type_t x)

Called every time a message is passed to this stage

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