Template Class LLMLambdaNode

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Base Type

template<typename ReturnT, typename ...ArgsT>
class LLMLambdaNode : public morpheus::llm::LLMNodeBase

Class template for a LLMNode created from a function that returns a Task.

Template Parameters
  • ReturnT – return type

  • ArgsT – arguments type

Public Types

using function_t = std::function<Task<ReturnT>(ArgsT...)>

Public Functions

inline LLMLambdaNode(std::vector<std::string> input_names, function_t function)

inline virtual std::vector<std::string> get_input_names() const override

Virtual method for implementing how task handler gets its input names.



inline virtual Task<std::shared_ptr<LLMContext>> execute(std::shared_ptr<LLMContext> context) override

Virtual method for implementing the execution of a node.


context – context for node’s execution



Protected Attributes

std::vector<std::string> m_input_names

function_t m_function

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