PyProf 20.09 Release Notes

NVIDIA Optimized Frameworks (Latest Release)


PyProf release for 20.09, is available in the NVIDIA PyTorch NGC containers and directly from the PyProf GitHub page.

New Features

The key features of PyProf v3.4.0 / r20.09 are:

Known Issues

  • This software only supports PyTorch 1.5 (PyTorch 1.6.0 when used as part of DLProf).
  • Forward-Backward kernel correlation heuristics do not work correctly with PyTorch 1.6. Recommended work arounds include:
    • Use with PyTorch 1.5.
    • Use the 20.09-py3 PyTorch NGC container:

      docker pull

    • Use DLProf in the 20.09 NGC PyTorch container.

Resolved Issues

  • None
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