NVCaffe Release 18.04

The NVIDIA container image of Caffe, release 18.04, is available.

Contents of NVCaffe

This container image contains the complete source of the version of NVCaffe in /opt/caffe. It is pre-built and installed into the /usr/local/[bin,share,lib] directories in the container image.

The container also includes the following:

Driver Requirements

Release 18.04 is based on CUDA 9, which requires NVIDIA Driver release 384.xx.

Key Features and Enhancements

This NVCaffe release includes the following key features and enhancements.
  • NVCaffe 0.17.0 container image version 18.04 is based on Caffe Deep Learning Framework by the BVLC.
  • Incorporated all upstream GitHub Caffe code as of PR 487.
  • Added support for AxpyLayer
  • Improved performance of SplitLayer
  • Latest version of NCCL 2.1.15
  • Ubuntu 16.04 with March 2018 updates

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.