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Deep Learning Profiler 21.08 Release Notes


DLProf Release for 21.08, available in the NVIDIA TensorFlow 1.x, TensorFlow 2.x, and PyTorch NGC containers, and as a Python Wheel on the NVIDIA PY Index.


NVTX-Plugins are being removed from the Deep Learning Frameworks TensorFLow 1.x & TensorFLow 2.x containers starting with the 21.09 release. They can still be manually installed from https://github.com/NVIDIA/nvtx-plugins.

Driver Requirements

New Features

The key features of DLProf v1.4.0 / r21.08 are:

  • Released in the TensorFlow 1.x 21.08, TensorFlow 2.x 21.08 and PyTorch 21.08 NGC container.
  • Multi-GPU calculation and reporting enhancement.
  • Added parameters and output shapes into the iteration report for GEMM and CONV operations.

Known Issues

  • This software is only supported for TensorFlow 1.15, TensorFlow 2.34, PyTorch 1.9, and TensorRT 7.2.
  • nvtx-plugins is being removed from the DLFW TensorFlow 1 & TensorFlow 2 containers starting with the 21.09 release.

Resolved Issues

  • None.
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