DLProf Plugin for TensorBoard 20.07 Release Notes

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DLProf Plugin for TensorBoard release for 20.07, available in the NVIDIA TensorFlow 1.x, TensorFlow 2.x, and PyTorch containers on NGC.


New Features

The key features of DLProf Plugin for TensorBoard v0.5.0 / r20.07 are:

  • A CPU model, cuDNN Version, Framework, and NSys Version to the system config panel.
  • System config panel showing versions of software and GPUs.
  • Iteration Chart showing iteration durations for ease of analysis.
  • Ability to export a table data into a variety of formats: Excel, PDF, CSV, JSON, or Clipboard.
  • Ability to display the profile name specified in DLProf on the TensorBoard Dashboard and exported reports

Known Issues

  • This software is only accessible in the NGC TensorFlow container.
  • This software is only supported for TensorBoard 1.15.

Resolved Issues

  • None
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