DLProf Plugin for TensorBoard 20.08 Release Notes

DLProf Plugin for TensorBoard 20.08 Release Notes (PDF)


DLProf Plugin for TensorBoard release for 20.08, available in the NVIDIA TensorFlow 1.x, TensorFlow 2.x, and PyTorch containers on NGC.


New Features

The key features of DLProf Plugin for TensorBoard v0.6.0 / r20.08 are:

  • Enabled column filtering in all data tables.
  • Prevented all durations from wrapping in the data tables.
  • Added new ‘Direction’ and ‘Stack Trace’ columns in Op Node and Top10 GPU Ops data tables for PyTorch networks.
  • Added Iteration Summary panel to Dashboard for a quick visualization of profiled network.

Known Issues

  • This software is only accessible in the NGC TensorFlow container.
  • This software is only supported for TensorBoard 1.15.

Resolved Issues

  • None
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