Pulling A Container

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Before you can pull a container from the NGC container registry, you must have Docker installed. For DGX users, this is explained in Preparing to use NVIDIA Containers Getting Started Guide.

For users other than DGX, follow the NVIDIA® GPU Cloud™ (NGC) container registryinstallation documentation based on your platform.

You must also have access and logged into the NGC container registry as explained in the NGC Getting Started Guide. There are four repositories where you can find the NGC docker containers.

The deep learning framework containers are stored in the nvcr.io/nvidia repository.
The HPC containers are stored in the nvcr.io/hpc repository.
The HPC visualization containers are stored in the nvcr.io/nvidia-hpcvis repository.
The partner containers are stored in the nvcr.io/partner repository. Currently the partner containers are focused on Deep Learning or Machine Learning, but that doesn’t mean they are limited to those types of containers.

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